Homeowners must learn how to add curb appeal to their homes to make where they live look nicer. Your home needs to leave a good impression on people if you don’t want it to stand out for all the wrong reasons and if you ever want to sell it.

Does your home have a nice front porch and entryway? If you have a door that is in bad shape or a porch with random junk all over it, you need to get it cleaned up a little. You can order a new and nice looking door from a company that will also install it for you. There is also the fact that you can just repaint it and make it look new again. For your porch area, make sure you have everything cleaned up so random junk isn’t the focal point of your home any longer.

Clean front porch at home

Repainting the whole home can really help to make it look nicer. There are a variety of colors and types of paints that you can work with. If you are not sure about how to go about doing this, hire someone to do it for you. General contractors or companies that help with improvements are only good to hire for this type of work if they are well reviewed and if their prices are fair. Call around and make a list of who offers what so you can learn what the average prices are and what you get for what you pay.

Landscaping is a good idea to work on. If you have plants that are overgrown, or just need to mow the grass, it is smart to get it into nice shape. A yard can be made into the focal point if you make it really nice, but you don’t want it to be so busy that it’s distracting to people. For instance, having a bunch of lawn decorations all over the place may seem like it would look nice, but it makes the area too busy and tends to seem tacky. Instead, making sure that there is a splash of color here and there and that the grass looks nice is really all you need to do.

Beautiful home with landscaping

Do you have a mailbox on your property? You may have one that came with your home but doesn’t match the exterior really at all. Sure, this is a minor detail, but it can really make the look of your home better. Another nice idea is to make sure your home looks nice at night. Proper lighting so it’s easy to see the driveway and porch can make your home that much more appealing just because it’s easier to walk or drive up to it.

When you are able to start adding curb appeal to your home, it will look far nicer than ever before. When selling a home, this is especially important to work on. It will also help you to show the neighbors that you care about your home.

Winter is fast approaching, which any homeowner knows means weather that can have negative effects on an unprepared home. If a home is not properly prepared, cold, rain, and snow can cause all sorts of havoc. Read on to find out what chores urgently need to be completed before the first snowfall or below freezing day to avoid potentially costly damage to your home.

Gutters filled with rain

Gutters, while typically unimportant in the summer months, become a big deal during winter. If you are like most people, your gutters will be full of leaves and debris that you did not think about over the summer. Gutters that do not drain properly can be a big problem, because they will fill up with the water they are supposed to redirect, creating ice dams that are almost impossible to remove without letting them thaw. While your gutters are out of commission, the water that is supposed to flow through them can instead leak into your home, causing costly water damage.

Another thing to think about is your heating system. A furnace that has not been used for 9 months will probably need some cleaning and maintenance before being turned on again. Do not wait until your house is freezing to try it and find out that your heater will need heating repair in Philadelphia. Clean the inside of the heater carefully to ensure that it is running efficiently, check the filters, and then fire it up and make sure it is working normally.

Woman by heater at home

If you have a central heating system, it is also important to give some attention to your air ducts. Make sure that all of the ducts are still in order and there are no leaks or gaps in insulation. Air escaping through the sidings of ducts can cost you hundreds of dollars in heating bills, so it is worth it to get under the house or into the attic and check them out. If your ducts are not insulated, definitely buy some insulation and put it on. Insulated ducts can save you hundreds of dollars over time.

Also related to heating bills, make sure to look for air leaks in your home. Places where cold air can seep in from outside can be very costly over the course of a winter. Check your doors and windows for small gaps, and use calking or weatherstripping to seal them off. Keeping the warm air inside is one of the easiest and most important ways to keep heating costs down.

Window with icles

If you own a home, it is time to get started on these weatherproofing teams now. Getting your home ready for winter is an extremely important way to save on heating costs and avoid damage to your home. Get those gutters cleaned out to avoid water damage, and look for ways to seal in the warm air and block out the cold air to lower your heating bills this winter!

Usually when people start thinking about increasing the value of their house it’s with a selling in mind. Or it could just be insurance to keep the house in good condition if it happens that you need to sell. Whatever the reason may be, here are some great ways to improve your home’s value.

Never Underestimate The Garden

Not enough emphasis can be placed on the garden, because it presents the first impression. If the lawn looks run down it’s going to make everything else a little bland as well.

You could either implement visually appealing elements, such as water features or exotic plants, or simply start maintaining the garden on a regular level. This is specifically important if you want to sell the home. Referred to as curb appeal, keeping the garden in healthy state automatically ups the price.


Paint Goes A Long Way

It’s truly amazing what a simple paint job can do, and it’s one of the most inexpensive ways to increase value. This goes for the exterior as well as the interior, so don’t skimp where a paint job is needed.

Small Renovations

When you think about small renovations, you want to think about two specific things. Firstly, use all the space wisely. Having big areas doesn’t necessarily mean more money, because if you use space correctly it can still enhance overall appearance.

The second thing to consider is the practicality. Will the changes make the area more practical while bringing something new to the table?


Focus On The Kitchen

Out of all the rooms in the home, the kitchen is still the most important. Chances are you can easily recoup kitchen investments and add a little something extra, which is more difficult to do with other areas. Even statistics support the fact that the kitchen should be a main priority when looking to improve value.

Think Energy Efficient

Slowly but surely people are becoming energy conscious. They like to know that their homes use minimal electricity for several reasons. By implementing an energy friendly system you can lay more value on it. You can even go as far as installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources.

Take The Future Into Account

It’s very rare that homes with steep stairs and sharp corners find owners. This is because of two main reasons. Firstly, it’s not a kid-friendly environment. Secondly, it’s not suitable for old people as well.

If you notice areas of your home that aren’t exactly practical, and could potentially become a sensitive point regarding the value of the home, it might be a good idea to change it. The last thing you want is a devalued property based on simple elements like this.

Use Technology Wisely

Some smart devices can definitely increase the value of your home, but they have to be chosen wisely. Contrary to popular belief, high tech installations tend to show bad returns, seeing as everything changes so quickly. This should be your last option if you’ve got all the other bases covered.